Back in time for tea

Travelling the world, hopefully with a cuppa in hand


  • Timbox

    Hi Lou and Jon

    Just been browsing your photos – I’m green with envy – you’re having an experience of a lifetime which I would love to emulate, especially India, Nepal and Tibet – places which have always had an attraction for me. Hope you are soon revived after you mamoth journey and eager to embark on t’ next leg.

    Have loadsa fun

    Tim x

    • Hi Tim, your towels have come in really useful as most places don’t provide them. India was wonderful, we’re still finding our feet in Nepal but hopefully booking a Tibet tour today and planning some independent trekking to Everest Base Camp and the Gokyo lakes. We’re trying to research up on it now. Hope you’re well, love Lou and Jon

  • Margaret

    Hi Lou and Jon ,just a day late at wishing you both all the best Christmas.We had a lovely day woth Carol and Mike.I have not been out because it is ditterly cold.Today 26th down at the harbour guttsy people are going to jump in and swim across the harbour just in their bathing costumes.Good luck to them.I might go and watch them ,but there again i might chicken out..I thought i could get some good photos.On the 24th i went out to take some photos of the trees laden with snow, but after only two photos my lense froze up.
    All the best to your both for the New year .

    • Hi A. Margaret, Happy Christmas to you, Uncle Gordon, Carol, Mike and the dogs. We’re lovely and warm here, fabulous piece of paradise with our beach hut 2m from the water. We posted some photos of where we are. We opened our presents on a small beach, just the two of us. Have enjoyed skyping Mum and Dad and also Jon’s parents yesterday and today to catch up on their Christmases. Hope you are all enjoying the festive season and are well. We’re off to Cambodia on 28th Dec for New Year. Did you see the Boxing Day swimmers after all? Love Lou and Jon xxx