Back in time for tea

Travelling the world, hopefully with a cuppa in hand


We’d love to hear from anyone who’s reading our blog.  You can email us anytime at and we’ll try to reply when we’re next online. Alternatively just add in a comment below!


    hOW do i read new comments without plowing all the way through stuff i’ve already read? Recent Comments only shows one comment, there isn’t an option to look at comments at a glance

    • Don’t know how to do this at the minute but we’ll look into it.

  • Jan

    Go for it guys! Sieze the day and live the moment. Thinking of you as you ascend towards the skies of the world. It’s brilliant to read your blog, I normally try to check in once a week to see follow your progress. Silly season is starting over here but the tree colours have been stunning during the early autumn this year and although there is snow in Scotland the rest of us are still enjoying reasonable days – if a bit rainy and occasionally chilly. Take care of each other! Love Jan xx

    • Hi Jan, it’s great to hear from you and we’re really touched that you keep checking in and thinking of us. We’ll add our photos from the trekking soon. We managed to rearrange our Tibet trip and we’re off this Saturday – we can’t wait. Hope you and the family are all well. Has the snow hit you yet? Take care, love Lou and Jon x

      • Jan

        The snow never got to Royston. All round England to various depths and levels of chaos, but not here much to my son’s annoyance – so no tobogganing down the Heath yet (phew – getting a bit old for that!) Belated birthday wishes to you both. Be safe crossing the glaciers – we’ve almost enough ice here for glaciers (but only minus 8 at the moment). Jan xx

  • Margosanders

    Happy Birthday Louisa, hope you have a lovely day. Love Aunty Margaret and Uncle Gordon xxxx
    love from Hollie, Amber and Wispa (Carol and Mikes dogs)

    • Hi A. Margaret and U. Gordon, great to have some doggy birthday wishes! We had a great day, having a well-deserved massage and steam/sauna, plus pedicure, followed by some time on the internet talking to Donna and everyone at home. We finished the day off with pizza, beer and ice cream – a luxury we’d been talking about all the way through our trek. Love Lou and Jon x

  • Donnabella

    Hi guys, glad you’re safely back to Kathmandu. Happy Birthday Louisa. We have just been out to Pizza Express and then we went to the Tithe Bar (it was dead!) Hope you are having some birthday treats tomorrow. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love Andrea and Liz…….and Donna xxxx
    xxxx xxxx

  • Stodd

    Will be thinking of you both tomorrow on Jonathan’s birthday – not sure if the post card will have made it or not, but lots of love anyway, and I trust you are getting used to, and surviving India buses and trains.

    • Hi A. Sally, Birthday was good, went out for meal and drinks with some friends from the tour group. We haven’t had your card yet, but will check with the hotel when we get back to Kathmandu. Hope you’re all well, Jon and Lou xxx

  • Donnabella

    Hi Lou and Jon, right you have to close your eyes Jon and imagine I’m singing to you ‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jon Boy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!’
    Hope you are having a great time in Tibet. Hope you enjoy your birthday as much as Lou enjoyed hers. What have you got planned? love Donna xxx

    • Thanks DOn Don, it was a special birthday being in Tibet:) Went out for meal and drinks, will tell you about it next time on skype, Jon and Lou x

  • Eylesjenny

    Hi Lou and Jon. Haven’t been on your site for a while, so have just spent quite a long time reading all about your journey in Tibet. Sounds wonderful. Never mind the cold; Thailand will be very warm! Love A Jen and U Roger xx

    • Hi A. Jen, we’re jetting off to Bangkok today and really looking forward to being warm again! Hope you’re all well, love Lou and Jon x

  • Soraya

    Dear Jon and Louisa,
    Loving your blog – looks like you’re having an amazing time! We’re stuck in doors, it’s snowing so much here in London that travelling anywhere is off the agenda as we probably won’t be able to get back home again. We had a trip to St Albans and Verulanium planned, now we’re on Christmas holidays – yay! Thanks so much for the Christmas card all the way from Nepal. It made it in one piece but we can tell it had to travel a long way (maybe some of it was by Yak??! :-).
    Wishing you both a very merry Christmas! Love, Soraya and Mike.

  • Jan

    Brilliant photos of Tibet. I think you are both amazing and lucky to be doing what you are, much braver than I could ever be. Snow has finally got to Royston, minus 12 on Sunday/Monday, lots of snow sculpting and toboggoning, mad snowball fights – oh and somewhere in the middle of it I have made my first BBC recording. Carols from Kings – finally I shall be a TV star!!?? Life is good.
    If I’m not in touch again before Christmas, safe onward travel to Oz, and have a brilliant Christmas and New Year! Love to you both. Jan xx

    • Hi Jan, Happy Christmas and congratulations on your first tv/radio work. We’ll have to try and tune in:) Sounds amazing in Royston, the only white stuff here is the sand… We’re planning on resting up here on Koh Mak over xmas, who knows where we’ll be for new year. All the best for 2011,
      love Lou and Jon x

  • Eylesjenny

    Happy New Year Lou and Jon. I’m sure you will have enjoyed seeing in the New Year in the warmth. Weather not bad here now – quite mild really, about +5! We are really enjoying following you around the world! We shall be jetting off to Goa in a fortnight. Hopefully I’ll find time to write to you while we’re there. Love A Jen & U Roger xx

  • Dean

    Hi Louisa,

    Just talking about you guys! Hope all is well and your having a lovely time. Looking forward to catching up with you when you return. All the best PickeringHutchins mob:-)


    • Hi Dean, Good things I hope? Looking forward to chili, chips and a pint with you when we get back. Heading to warmer weather in Laos now. We’ll send you a postcard, Lou x

  • Dean

    I always have a look now and then, looks like you guys are having the time of your life. Take care and catch up with you in a few months:-)


    • Hi Dean, glad you’re keeping up with the blog. Any travels planned for you and the family soon? We can’t believe that we’re halfway through now, but still NZ, Rarotonga and South America to go so can’t complain too much. My sister is joining us tomorrow so will have 5 months of chatting to catch up on! Australia is good, although expensive compared with Asia. Will catch up with you soon, take care, Louisa x

  • Donnabella

    Hi Lou and Jon Boy,
    I haven’t got skype at the moment. So we’ll have to talk the old fashioned way and use the telephone. Love you lots and am missing you, Jon, Chuck and NZ!
    love Donna x

    • Hi Don, just read your really long email, will try to reply. Hope you get skype sorted out soon, perhaps you need to update to the latest version? Just a thought. Sending lots of love to you and hope your first week back goes OK. We’re thinking about you, lots of love, Lou and Jon and Chuck xxx

  • Dean

    Hi you two:-)

    I must admit it is good to just visit your blog and find out what exciting things you have been up to before I get back to the normal old slog.

    Take care and look forward to catching up with you.


    • Hi Dean, hope everything is going well and thanks for checking up on us. You, me and Ian will be back in the pub with a plate of chilli and a beer before we know it, but with me boring you with travelling tales rather than the anticipation of going. Looking forward to catching up, love Louisa

  • Aunty Jen

    Hi Lou and John. Just had a long catch up of your journey through Oz and N Zealand. Great photos. Nana said that Donna had some good photos with her at Easter but we were at Andrew’s so missed seeing her. Time seems to be going so quickly now. Looking forward to following your South American adventures. Love A Jen & U Roger xx

  • Benn’s sepilok.. did u manage to see the urang utan?  

    • Hi Benn, it’s great to hear from you. How did Liverpool do this weekend?! We really enjoyed our visit to Sepilok and saw about 5 orang utans including a mother and baby. We also saw wild orang utans when we were on river safari along the Kinabatangan river. We have been very lucky. Thanks for becoming part of our Borneo story and helping us reach Sepilok. We are now in Sempurna and going snorkelling tomorrow for a few days and then it will be time to head back to KK and finally to home. We wish you all the best, Jon and Louisa

      • Benn

        haha.. liverpool always doing great. safe journey back to your home town. send my regard to ur parents. 

        • Hi Benn, thanks for the good wishes. We hope your weekend drives back to KK aren’t too lonely now. if so, you need to pick up some more hitchihikers! All the best, Jonathan and Louisa

  • Alesha Low

    hi…Im Alesha from Malaysia…still remember me? where are u now? hmm…ur blog is so NICE!!!!! LIKE IT~!!!! my email is

    • Hi Alesha, great to hear from you! We are in KK now for a few days until we fly home. Good luck with your exams and enjoy your next trip to Uncle Changs. Lucky you to get to go back so soon…. Louisa x

      • Alesha Low

        wooow!! thanks for reply…im so happy!!! heeheehee… will miss u at here… next time when u come Malaysia again don’t forget to inform me (^___^)

  • Amandeep

    Hi Louisa and Jon!! We’re so sorry for being crap and not replying sooner- great to hear that you also enjoyed Brasil. Loving your blog- so jealous that you guys are in Borneo! It sounds amazing. We are trying to catch up with our blog- yours puts ours to shame! Hopefully it will give us inspiration 🙂 We are in NZ and loving it- we have a spaceship too! Currently in Napier, making our way down to Wellington for the start of the Rugby World cup on Fri- we are going to a match on Sunday which should be exciting. Email us your full names and we’ll add you on facebook (our profiles are set to being unfindable). Take care and hopefully hear from you soon, love Amandeep and Ajay xx

    • Hi Am and Ajay,
      We’re back now and very jealous of you guys in your spaceship touring New Zealand. It’s not ‘Chuck Norris’ by any chance is it? You’ll have to keep an eye out for him for us! Hope you are enjoying the rugby and the wine. How are you coping with the colder weather, is it ski season yet? My facebook is and you can find Lou’s from there! Happy travels and all the best,

      love Jon and Louisa