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Our Uruguay photos are now live


Walking around the old colonial town of Colonia

We´re gradually catching up with our photos. Here are our Uruguay (and anniversary) photos for you to enjoy.


From Uruguay to Paraguay

We´ve now been in Uruguay for a week and apart from Punta del Este, we´ve spent some time in Colonia which was a beautiful town with cobbled streets lined with trees, vintage cars and a picturesque,spanish old quarter. It was a great place to escape the hustle and bustle and constant noise of Buenos Aires. Since Punta del Este we´ve spent a couple of days in Montevideo, the capital. Definitely pronounced Montevid-ayo; Dads you were right, we were wrong!

For us it´s not been the best place; partly there doesn´t seem that much to do here, partly we didn´t feel that comfortable in the hostel we stayed in. There´s also the cold wet weather. So this morning we took the plunge and have booked ourselves on the weekly bus to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Crossing two borders, first into Argentina near Salto, and then into Paraguay at Encarnacion we get in at 10am tomorrow morning. From there we plan to spend a few days exploring and then head east to the Iguazu falls and see them from both the Argentine and Brasilian sides. We´re hoping it´ll be a bit warmer too!


Happy first anniversary to us

Celebrating one year in at Punta del Esta

Today we´re celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We can´t imagine having had a better year and we´ve chosen somewhere nice to celebrate. We´re in a nice little hostel come family home in Punta del Este in Uruguay which is a popular seaside resort for wealthy Argentines and Brazilians. The beaches are incredible here stretching on for miles and today we´re planning on heading out for a special beach picnic to celebrate along with some urugayan sparking wine and cards from home.

Our first home-cooked asado

We started our celebrations early last night with a traditional asado (BBQ grill) with the hostel owners and some of their friends. The barbecue was huge with logs burning on the right hand side and the embers then brushed under the grill to cook the massive cuts of beef and pork. All the food was cut up into bite-sized pieces and served centrally for everyone to tuck in and share. It was probably the best barbecue we´ve ever had (sorry Australians) and something we´ll try to recreate when we´re back in the UK.

This morning we´ve been remembering little bits about our wedding last year: the gorgeous weather, preparing the flowers for the church, the breakfasts we shared with family and friends, seeing each other for the first time and being surrounded by all our happy guests. It was an unbeatable day.


Hello Colonia

Bye bye BA

Here´s our last view of the Buenos Aires skyline. We left early but still managed to fit in our breakfast of daily croissants and fresh orange juice. We spent our three hour journey chatting to Ajay and Am from Northampton who are only a month into their RTW trip (going the opposite way to us). After their trekking tales we´re tempted to head south to Patagonia but we´ll see how our time works out. Not sure that we want to head anywhere colder. We decided to stop at the first hostel we found in Colonia and are just about to go out in search of a cashpoint and some lunch.