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A luggage rack for two

Nighttime train travel

We’re back online in Aurangabad after travelling for the past few days. We moved on from Gokarna on Monday, thwarted in our first steps in leaving our accommodation by an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) driver union meeting! Who’d have thought! We had booked overnight sleeper tickets to Mumbai but were high on the waitlist so ended up travelling unreserved (general) second class all the way (12 hours approx, overnight). Despite it being incredibly busy, we managed to secure a luggage rack for the two of us and our bags. We were made to feel very welcome but it wasn’t very comfortable. From this experience we are going to try and book our train tickets earlier on the internet. We’ve just found unhelpful staff and confusion at railway station booking offices so doing it online is much simpler (we use cleartrip).

We’re taking today easy, getting some laundry done (essential), booking onward travel (to Agra to see the Taj Mahal), uploading photos from Karnataka (hopefully) and maybe hiring some bicycles to look around town. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Ellora caves, more on that to come soon.

Today marks 3 weeks in India. We’ve had some incredible experiences; top of the pops is probably the day on the houseboat, seeing wild elephants and our restful time in Hampi. We wish we’d stayed there longer.  We’ve met such a lot of friendly people who are interested in why we’re visiting India and our lives back home. We’re both still feeling really positive and engaged with everything around us, and a lot more comfortable with how things work here.  Yesterday morning we  enjoyed revisiting Mumbai which illustrated to us how much we’ve acclimatised since first landing and how far we’ve come.


Lou’s last day at work

It’s a big day today; Lou’s last day at work while I finish up the packing and cleaning, and then we’re collecting our Luton van with a tail lift (as we have my piano to move) and then heading up north on Saturday to put all our stuff into storage in our parent’s lofts. Luckily apart from the piano, a chest of drawers and a writing desk, we don’t have any furniture, which should make things a bit easier. Also our phone, and internet are getting cut off, so if you want to get in touch the best way if either our mobile while we’re in the UK, or email, facebook or this website (we’ll be using Mum and Dad’s broadband over the next week).

As for travel plans, I just checked up on our wait-listed train tickets online (booked through cleartrip, and we’re still 6 and 7 on the list. I’m pretty confident that we should make it on but it’s getting a bit close and there’s only a fortnight to go so getting a bit nervous. If not then apparently they do release tourist only tickets a day or two before departure so we’d get a second bite at it.

Has anyone done this wait-listing thing before?


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Where to go in India?

We went to my cousin Paul’s wedding last weekend which was really great.  In the evening Becca, another of my cousin’s, who is just back from 2 months in India scribbled us a map with recommendations of places to go.  Check it out (click to see a zoomed in version), there were another three sides of tips which we might take with us and decipher along the way.


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