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Setting up our blog

We’ve been setting up our blog – a huge learning curve, but for those who might be interested these were the steps so far:

1. Think up a unique name – easier said than done!

2. Pick a host – we went with Bluehost, and they seem ok so far.  Alternatively you can go with a dedicated blogging website like or which is simpler, but not quite as configurable.

3. Pick blogging software – we went with the wordpress software which loads of websites use.  Its free and it came ready to install with Bluehost.

4. Choose a wordpress theme – we chose the free sliding door by Wayne Conor, and then adapted it for our use.

5. Update with free plugins and widgets to be able to extend your website to upload galleries of photos, twitter, etc.

6. Start blogging, keep tweaking

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Twitter and Facebook

I’ve spent a bit of time this morning linking us in to Twitter and Facebook.  Hopefully everythings sorted now thanks to  Fingers crossed!  An alternative would have been to use which we may come back to in the future if twitterfeed doesn’t work out.


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