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Paraguay, our photos are online

The government building draped in the colours of the Paraguayan flag for the bicentennial celebrations

We´ve uploaded some of our photos from Paraguay for you to peruse.  We were there for less than a week, spent exclusively in the capital city of Asuncion, but we really liked it. The people expecially were really friendly, and we were lucky to hit it at the time of their bicentennial celebrations with parades and concerts. We hope you enjoy them.

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Paraguay´s bicentenary celebrations

Celebrating Paraguay´s bicentenary

The most observant of you will have noticed that we´ve managed to sneak an extra stamp in to our passports and have nipped to Paraguay on our way to the Iguazu falls. Before coming here, we really wouldn´t have been able to tell you anything about the country. On our fourth day, we can tell you that it´s slightly warmer (hurray!) due to being further north of Uruguay, the people are friendly and we often get big smiles for trying out our Spanish, the food is healthier (thank goodness) being more evenly balanced between meat and vegetables, and the beer is served very very cold (forming ice as you drink).

It´s a good time to visit as Paraguay is celebrating 200 years of independence so there are big bicentenary celebrations and red, white and blue banners deck all the civil buildings. Yesterday we watched a parade involving all the schools in Asuncion. The kids were dressed in cheerleading and military outfits marching with drums, cymbals and twirling batons. We took loads of photos and then saw the oddest sight of all – the city´s mounted police closely followed by the fire brigade vehicles all competing to make as much noise as they could with horns blaring and sirens wailing non-stop. We were nearly deafened but the horses took it all in their stride.

Football is a passion here so we joined the spectators yesterday afternoon to watch the Man U – Barcelona match in the salubrious location of a shopping centre food court! To our surprise, there were at least as many people supporting Man U as Barcelona and it was a good opportunity to enjoy one of those very cold beers.

Hot on the heels of the parade, there was an open air concert with well-known Paraguayan musicians, singers and dancers. We were really enjoying ourselves until there was a power failure and the concert came to an abrupt end. The funniest thing was that no-one else seemed very fazed and we didn´t see any panicking organisers running around. It was getting too chilly to sit and wait but as we left, we did see some people dragging the power cables across the field to another location so maybe the power came back on later. No emergency back-ups here!


From Uruguay to Paraguay

We´ve now been in Uruguay for a week and apart from Punta del Este, we´ve spent some time in Colonia which was a beautiful town with cobbled streets lined with trees, vintage cars and a picturesque,spanish old quarter. It was a great place to escape the hustle and bustle and constant noise of Buenos Aires. Since Punta del Este we´ve spent a couple of days in Montevideo, the capital. Definitely pronounced Montevid-ayo; Dads you were right, we were wrong!

For us it´s not been the best place; partly there doesn´t seem that much to do here, partly we didn´t feel that comfortable in the hostel we stayed in. There´s also the cold wet weather. So this morning we took the plunge and have booked ourselves on the weekly bus to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Crossing two borders, first into Argentina near Salto, and then into Paraguay at Encarnacion we get in at 10am tomorrow morning. From there we plan to spend a few days exploring and then head east to the Iguazu falls and see them from both the Argentine and Brasilian sides. We´re hoping it´ll be a bit warmer too!