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Our plan for money and the Halifax Clarity Card

Well to cut a long story short we’ve decided to try and mainly use the Halifax Clarity Credit card which we both signed up to just for our travels.  It looked like the best option currently available, although let us know if you see anything better.  Basically there are no fees for purchasing items, or withdrawing cash abroad from the Halifax.  The exchange rate is just the current exchange rate. Note though that the foreign ATM may charge a small fee, and also Halifax charge interest on cash withdrawals only at a daily rate until paid off at the end of the month.  It’s small though with monthly interest at 1% (So I guess averaging out at ~0.5%).

We’re planning just to use it for day to day use, and if we need to withdraw a lot of money in an emergency then go to an internet cafe and pay off the balance immediately.  In Asia, I imagine many budget shops/restaurants/hotels won’t accept credit card, so I guess we’ll have to make use of the cash withdrawal fairly regularly.  We’ve set it up so that we’ll automatically clear any outstanding balance at the end of every month.

We’re also planning on taking an emergency amount of cash in dollars (~£100) just in case.  Note you can’t get Indian Rupees in advance, only within the country (For us it’ll be at Mumbai Airport).  We’ll let you know how this pans out when we get going.


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