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Photos of our time in Rarotonga and Chile

Our photos of Raratonga and Chile are now online

Hi everyone, Lou´s still sleeping after a few late nights out at milongas, but thought I´d try and get our blog up-to-date by uploading our photos from our time in Raratonga and our few days in Chile.  We had such a great time in Raratonga and met some really nice friends from NZ it was good to look over the photos again. We went through Chile in just a few days so there´s only a few photos. We hope to use the extra time to explore Argentina. Hope also to post some photos of Buenos Aires in the next post before going to get some breakfast, Argentinian-style with coffee and sweet croissant in the cafe below our hostel.


Learning spanish in Santiago

For the past three days we´ve been taking it easy and catching up on some sleep in Santiago. We managed to get a centrally located room in a hostel with huge bedrooms. Our room came with a TV and we managed to see a full replay of the royal wedding which was great. Lots of people have watched it out here, both in Chile and New Zealand. For the record we thought the dress was great and so was the vintage Aston they drove off in. The hostel also comes with a table football table, a pool table and a table tennis table so Lou and I have been using all three when we get in at night.

Today we climbed one of the larger hills that are in the centre of town with a statue of the Virgin Mary at its pinacle. The views from the top are amazing with Santiago flanked by dusty-looking hills in the distance. The view is spoilt a little by the thick band of smog that lies above the city. So far no ill-effects though we´re looking forward to the fresh air of the Andes when we go to Mendoza tomorrow, just across the border into Argentina.

We´ve also decided to try hard to learn a bit of spanish while we´re here and have started to work our way through the Lonely Planet Latin American Spanish phrase book. Ciao y buenas noches