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Happy Birthday Pop!

June is a busy birthday month in the Wright family with Mum´s birthday followed hot on its heels by Dad´s birthday just three days later. They´re both on holiday at the month so we hope that they have lots of nice things planned for today and good weather to go along with it. Happy Birthday Dad, we look forward to hearing about how you spent your day. We`ll be starting our four day Lares trek and we`ll be thinking of you as we walk.

Lots of love, Lou and Jon xxx

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Happy Birthday Mum!

Today is Mum´s birthday and we wanted to send her lots of love and let her know that we´re thinking of her. Even though we´re away, she still looks after us from afar; always asking how we are and making sure that we´re taking care of each other.

Mum, we hope that the sun is shining for your birthday and that you have a great day with Dad and Donna. We´ll miss celebrating with you but are looking forward to hearing about it and seeing you soon.

Lots of love, Lou and Jon xxx


Happy birthday dad

A birthday shout out to my dad, Brian. I hope you have a great birthday with cake, presents and cards. Unfortunately you´ll have to wait a little bit of time for ours which will make it all the more exciting. We are thinking of you and will try and call to wish you happy birthday in person. Lots of love, Jon and Lou xxx


Happy birthday Andrea

We wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to Andrea. She’s always giving us great feedback on the blog and we love hearing from her. We’ll be raising a toast of one of our NZ wines and tucking into an Andrea classic dish of escalopes if we can find them on Rarotonga. Hope you get chance to enjoy all the finer things on your birthday Andrea and enjoy catching up with the girls over Easter. Sending lots of love, Lou and Jon x


Happy birthday Jon

It’s become our custom to post birthday shout-outs and this one is for my gorgeous, beardy husband Jon! Happy Birthday darling, I love you. We’ve written this in advance as we’re actually in Tibet for Jon’s birthday, leaving on Saturday 4 Dec and we’re not sure whether we’ll be able to find any internet access. We’ll try and do something special to celebrate and tell you all about it when we’re back in Kathmandu (about 15 December). Hopefully we’ll be able to ring our families somehow or other – we’ll try our hardest. Comment if you also want to wish Jon a happy birthday 🙂