Back in time for tea

Travelling the world, hopefully with a cuppa in hand


We’re Jon and Lou, 32 years old and recently married.  Together we’ve decided to go travelling around the world for a year, starting on 28 September, first stop India.  Our initial posts aim to document our progress and preparations while we try and teach ourselves how to use wordpress over the next couple of weeks before setting off on our travels.

We thought long and hard about what to call our travel/photo blog. Inspiration (and availability) finally came along with back in time for tea. It’s a message of encouragement to those we’ll miss, that however far apart we are in physical terms, we are close in thought, and it really won’t be long until we’re back and asking “is the kettle on?”. I have to admit, I do drink a lot of tea…


  • Laurina

    I hope you take lots and lots of pictures and keep us up-to-date!

  • shenbagam

    i want to know how to make chocolate