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Back on broadband

We’ve finally been reconnected to the internet so I can now update you all on the big move back down to Cambridgeshire. The move itself took place last Wednesday (a week and a half ago) and went relatively well, although it was a massive effort with all our stuff only just fitting into one big luton-style van. Despite our new house being a fairly roomy two-bedroom house, we have struggled a bit to fit all our stuff in. It’s a little overwhelming to have so many possessions again after a year of living out of a backpack but at the same time it’s been really nice on an evening unpacking things that we love and haven’t seen for a long time. We’ve also been able to unpack all our souvenirs and place them around the house and they have definitely helped with making the house feel like ours along with trying out our rice cooker, making some ice cream, and having a BBQ in last weekend’s heatwave.

Today Lou will have finished her first week back at work and we’re looking forward to seeing Donna who’s visiting us this weekend.

By the way there was a slight postscript on the whole idyllic cottage that fell through. After moving in here, Cheffins, the useless lettings agents left us an answering machine message asking if we would we still be interested in it as it had come back on the market again. Who knows what had happened to the other couple, but it’s now far too late for us! We were very English in our outrage and condemnation and made absolutely clear our displeasure by deigning not to ring them back.


Posted by Jon on Friday, October 7th, 2011 at 12:40 in Authored by Jon and United Kingdom.


  • Mam and Dad

    Glad you’re all in ok and settled and work ok and souvenirs up and broadband and ironic ’bout the cottage isn’t it and back to making the dishwasher worktop while Mam’s out plaiting Karin’s hair, quién va a México el viernes !!

  • Andreadipalma

    Hi Louisa and Jon, Can’t believe that letting agency! Nevermind, I’m sure your place is lovely with all your travel memories all around. Hope the first week back at work wasn’t too bad, Louisa, and you had a nice weekend with Donna.
    Take care