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A house update

Well the house shenanigans are continuing. We hope to be moving in on Wednesday but still haven’t had this confirmed by the lettings agents (even though we’ve booked a van and have a sofa to pick up on Wednesday morning). With any luck it should all be confirmed by tonight. We’re keeping all our fingers crossed and are looking forward to breathing a big sigh of relief once we’re in.

In the end, after a few days mulling over the different options last week, we decided to go for one of our back-up houses – a house we’d seen while down in Cambridge at the same time as the cottage that fell through.

The house is nice and roomy with a garden and importantly for us it’s in one of the villages in south Cambridgeshire so we can try out some village living. Unfortunately it’s not a very villagey location being on one of the main roads into Cambridge and opposite a fuel station; we’re just hoping that it isn’t too noisy. The house is a bit dated inside, complete with old fashioned electric storage heaters, but hopefully will look great with all our stuff in. There’s also a really nice summer house in the garden that we both loved and intend to make use of in spite of the English winter. Most importantly we should be able to move in before Lou starts work on Monday.

Posted by Jon on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 15:28 in Authored by Jon and United Kingdom.

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  • Mam and Dad

    Hope all goes well . Safe journey loading up on Tuesday, and travelling down on Wednesday,
    lots of love..