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Our New Zealand photos

Mr & Mrs Penguin

Our New Zealand photos are now online, thanks to free internet from our hostel in Santiago. We had a really good time there and we took loads of photos. We´ve arranged the best into two galleries: the first ten days with Donna, and then the remaining time with just us. We hope you enjoy them.

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Our south american adventures begin here

We’re just posting a quick update from the free Samsung internet stand outside of gate 10 in Auckland airport and have only 5 mins before we have to board. A big thank you to Michelle who we met in Rarotonga with her friend Maria, who showed us around Auckland today (waking up at 5am to collect us from the airport). We had a really great day, although we were a bit jet lagged from our 2am flight from Rarotonga. Time to get a bit of sleep on the plane. Next installment from Chile.

For a quick update on the rest of our time in Rarotonga we did the following: the cross island trek through rainforest ending in a dip in the waterfall, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, an island night, a trip to church on Easter Sunday with beautiful unaccompanied singing, and met lots of lovely people at our guesthouse, the Aremango on Muri beach. We’ll post the photos soon…


Happy Easter everyone

Easter bonnet, Rarotonga style

Happy Easter greetings from us. We spent a relaxing day at the beach on Good Friday doing a bit more snorkling and catching up on our reading. We’re slightly handicapped by the snorkeling gear available from the guesthouse as the snorkels fill with water faster than we can clear them. We ended up ditching them and just using the masks. We managed to see some massive blue starfish, a spotted eel, Moorish idols and others we enjoyed looking at but can’t identify. When walking back to the guesthouse along the beach, we saw a family enjoying the public holiday by cooling off in the sea and drinking fresh coconuts. We were given one to take with us and enjoyed sipping the refreshing coconut milk as we strolled back.

Location location location

Yesterday we got up early and caught the clockwise bus around the island to the Saturday morning market. There was a nice variety of stalls selling traditional island dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, handicrafts, honey and black pearl jewellery. We stocked up on fruit and veg, buying a papaya and receiving a second papaya as a welcome gift, an avacado and some long green beans. To our immense surprise there’s no fish to be had anywhere! No-one seems to know why that is. The restaurants have fish on the menu though so maybe they buy up the full catch. For Easter we’re planning on going to one of the island churches where apparently everyone dresses up and the ladies all wear straw hats.  There’s an Easter lunch afterwards so we might get to partake, fingers crossed.


Kia orana from Rarotonga


We finally managed to achieve the impossible by time-travelling on our way to Rarotonga. We left Auckland at 7.15pm on Tuesday night and arrived just past midnight early Tuesday morning 18 hours earlier!! So we had two Tuesdays which is guaranteed to confuse us for the rest of the week. We lose it again temporarily on our return to Auckland, but then get it back when we fly to Chile so the net balance is one extra days holiday to us!! Unfortunately our second Tuesday was spent shelting from the torrential non-stop get-drenched-in-seconds rain. It’s brightened up since then and we spent yesterday morning on the beach. A reef surrounds the island so the waves break a few hundred metres offshore leaving a calm lagoon to swim and snorkel in. The water was a bit murky yesterday but Lou glimpsed her first tropical fish, a butterfly fish and a surgeon fish. There are also lots of disgusting looking sea cucumbers so it’s not all pretty! Today we got up early to cycle around the island’s 32km perimeter road stopping off to pick up groceries from the capital Avarua as everything is closed tomorrow for Good Friday. On Saturday there’s a morning market so we should be able to pick up some local goodies there.  We’ve got about a quarter of the way left to cycle and think we’ll be saddle sore tomorrow.


Happy birthday Andrea

We wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to Andrea. She’s always giving us great feedback on the blog and we love hearing from her. We’ll be raising a toast of one of our NZ wines and tucking into an Andrea classic dish of escalopes if we can find them on Rarotonga. Hope you get chance to enjoy all the finer things on your birthday Andrea and enjoy catching up with the girls over Easter. Sending lots of love, Lou and Jon x