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A quick update…

Wow we're here!

I thought I’d write quick update while Laurina and Louisa are putting together a picnic for us to take to the park. Mondays are Laurina’s day off. She’s been taking really good care of us. We’ve been enjoying all the free things that Sydney has to offer over the past couple of days, orientating ourselves with the major sights. Over the weekend there was a wine festival with live bands in the central Hyde park (there are a lot of UK names – Oxford Street, Surrey Hills, Waterloo) and we enjoyed sitting on the grass and reading the free newspapers they handed out. Sydney’s really clean, laid back and a surprisingly small city. People live outdoors here with lots of alfresco dining, ¬†terraced bars and people enjoying the green spaces. We really like it, although we do miss the hustle-bustle and street food of Asia.

We also went to Laurina’s Hillsong church a couple of times over the weekend to see what she’s been up to. It’s well known throughout the world for its worship music and their latest album released last week reached number one in the secular charts in Australia and number five in the USA.

Thanks for all your messages – we haven’t had time to reply recently with all the moving around but we’ll get around to it soon. We also need to post up our photos of Thailand – maybe a job for this evening.



We’re in Sydney!!!!

We had a blast on the plane and stayed awake for the whole flight drinking surprisingly easy to drink wine and G&T’s, eating, and watching the on-demand entertainment (Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape about curries in India, the Social Network, Glastonbury 2010 highlights and 127 hours). We completely wiped out for the next 24 hours but it was definitely worth it. We’ve found a great place to stay, above a pub, just around the corner from my sister Laurina’s flat. It’s cheap – half the price of the YHA and friendly. It’s got a kitchen so we’re trying to self-cater to try and save some dollars. It’s been a while since we’ve done any washing up but Lou’s coping admirably (just kidding). Tonight we’re going to attempt one of our thai recipes, chicken in coconut soup, and are heading up to chinatown.

We’d better go as being kicked out of the library (not allowed to use email facilities!!!).


It’s nice to meet you Mr Ambassador

We had the pleasure of joining the Bangkok tango community last night which was hosted (to our great surprise) by the Argentinian ambassador at his residence! We felt a bit like gate-crashers but enjoyed meeting a diverse group of people and dancing the night away while savouring a few glasses of Argentinian red (but no Ferrero Rochers). There’ll be more tango for us in Sydney and perhaps even some dance shoes so we don’t have to dance in our trekking sandals.

We had lots of fun in Koh Mak. I had an entertaining few minutes tricking Jon into searching for an exotic bird when the noises he heard came from me hiding in the hut (with pauses for silent laughter). In addition to morning swims, reading and frisbee, Jon was very proud to achieve his first handstand after some coaching on the beach. We’re waiting for Donna to join us in Sydney for more advanced coaching on cartwheels.

Tomorrow is our last day in Bangkok and we will also be picking up any items sent to us poste restante – very exciting. We’re sad to be saying goodbye to Asia but we’ve already got some plans for Sydney and the best part will be seeing our sisters and meeting new family.


Guess where we are

Some clues (N.B. – people we’ve told aren’t eligible for this game):
– we’ve been there before
– there are photos of our location on the blog
– it was a perfect setting for Valentine’s Day
– it’s hot, but we can easily cool down

any guesses? Click the link below to find out.

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Our favourite Thai recipes

Mmm, chicken with cashew nuts

We had a really great day out at the ‘Thai cookery farm’, a cooking school just outside Chiang Mai. They took us around the local market to show us the different types of rice and spices that make up Thai cuisine, and then we learned to cook five dishes each. So we’ll have plenty to choose from when we get home. Here are our favourite two main courses and two deserts from our Thai cookery course for you to try: Chicken with cashew nuts, chicken in coconut soup, mango with sticky rice, and bananas in coconut milk.

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