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We’ve got mail!

Thanks everyone for our birthday post

I had a real birthday highlight on returning back to our hotel after skyping my family on Sunday. The hotel manager had collected the post from the PO Box and returned with a pile for us! He presented each piece to me, wishing me a happy birthday each time. We saved the post to read in between ordering and enjoying our pizza, beer and ice cream. Thanks to everyone who sent letters, I even had some birthday cards and a parcel 🙂 Just as excitingly, we have some birthday post for Jonathan and also Christmas post. It makes you all feel a lot closer. We’ll try and send letters back soon.


Happy Birthday to us!

It’s a special day today as Donna and I celebrate our birthday! We’re celebrating together across the miles. Donna is having a birthday weekend at home so Jon and I are looking forward to skyping later and swapping birthday stories.

Thanks for the birthday messages, we hope to pick up the post sent from home later on today. We started the day with a big, bargain bonus breakfast at the Big Belly cafe. We were joined by four American friends from our trekking trail, Celeste, Parker, Melissa and Jason. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys and safe travel home M&J. After that, we walked off our breakfast with some shopping and arranged a spa visit for this afternoon. We’ll end the birthday bonanza with a visit to Fire & Ice for top-notch pizza and ice cream – the treat we’ve been dreaming about since 18 days of trekking and dhal bhat!

We’re sending lots of special love and birthday hugs to Donna. We hope you like the parcels and we’re thinking of you and everyone at home. Enjoy your birthday lunch and we’ll sing happy birthday to you later, xxx.


Back in Kathmandu

We’re back safe and sound after spending a few extra days in Lukla (unwillingly).  We’re both feeling a million dollars after lengthy (free) hot showers and clean clothes.  We’re also enjoying the warmth of Kathmandu, although missing the tranquility of our trek.  Unfortunately we’ve missed our Tibet tour and our agent wants to charge us a 50 percent cancellation fee, but we’re hoping to sort that out tomorrow. Whatever happens we’ll make the best of it. Off to bed now and descriptions of our trek will follow soon.


We’re back (almost)

Just a quick post to let everyone know we’re well. We’ve been stuck in Lukla for a couple of days trying to get a flight back to Kathmandu, but there are very few flights due to cloud. Just a waiting game at the minute but we’re a bit concerned we might miss our Tibet tour. Internet is about 10x the price here compared to Kathmandu so we’ll leave checking our mail/email/replies till we’re back in Kathmandu!

Hope everyone’s well! More details to follow of our Everest adventures!

Jon and Lou


Final set of India photos posted

Lou and the Saddhu

The observant will have noticed we have posted our final set of photos from India from the Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh regions.  This includes our time at the Ellora and Ajanta caves, the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri, and Varanasi. Here’s a quick link to the photos if you want to take a look.